J 'adore Adorrah

Our exclusivity lies in everything we do from design to delivery

  • Highest standards of manufacturing techniques
  • Quality Control at every step
  • Flawless craftsmanship, finish and making
  • Bespoke, elegant and wearable designs
  • Affordable jewellery
  • Customised order for your favourite design
  • Redesign, repair and polish of your old jewellery
  • Light-weight, flexible & detachable jewellery
  • Use of rare settings to obtain a miracle look
  • Designs that matches both ethnic & western outfits
  • Essential travel jewellery
  • Professionalism in service delivery
  • Laboratory certified jewellery

Jewellery Makeover & Jewellery Redesign

No stone is too small or large to be re-set. We can reuse stones from your old jewellery, lowering the material cost and retaining the sentimental connection. We will help you with a new design that truly provides the sense of your individuality and uniqueness.

  • Redesign

    Restyle your jewellery by taking existing jewellery, such as wedding rings and necklaces, family heirlooms, and redesigning the piece into something new.

  • Makeover

    Turn a pendant, necklace, earrings, and/or rings into new pieces of jewellery. Turn a ring into a pendant; an old pair of earrings into a new ring!

  • Custom Designs

    We can work with you to design a piece that is completely your own and one-of-a-kind. The only limit is your imagination. We specialize in custom design jewellery that simply wows you!

  • Clean & Repair

    Bring in your most used and cherished jewellery to be cleaned, repaired, or stones remounted and have them looking like the day you purchased them.

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